We’re committed to helping the world be a better place. This starts with helping people and families in need to improve their quality of life and opportunities.

Lunacon Foundation

We aim to improve the knowledge and skills of small construction businesses and developed the workforce of marginalized communities in order to increase their success rate, hopefully, make the world a better place.

Training programs and activities directed at:

Prepare marginalized communities to enhance their employment opportunities.

Provide programs that will enhance economic revitalization.

Providing resources for people with low resources and affected by disasters.

Providing education and training for those with a lack of opportunities.


We assure:




Financial transparency

Diversity and Inclusion

How it started

Patricia Bonilla started Lunacon Construction in her garage and was joined by Emilio Criado shortly after with a few dollars in the bank. We wanted to create another success story for these beneficiaries through Lunacon Foundation.

Lunacon Foundational

What do you receive?

A thank-you letter with the story of the people you’re impacting.

A regular annual report with impact-related materials and documents.

Promote your company as one of our sponsors during foundation events and marketing collaterals.

A priority selection of skilled labor from our successfully trained beneficiaries.

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